Providing financial support for deserving and needy students to complete their education.

Arranging special tuition centers, coaching and consulting services for  weak students.

Helping widows and aged people with timely financial assistance, medical aid and shelter.

Arranging family sponsorship scheme for poor families and victims of anti social elements and natural calamities.

Locating prospective parents for adopting/sponsoring children.

Providing financial assistance, guidance and support for families of prisoners.

Conducting tailoring training center and providing financial support for students of job oriented courses like driving, carpentry, welding, repairing work etc.

Distributing domestic animals to unemployed ladies and widows on the condition of returning the first litre to be given to the next.

Arranging consulting services, guidance program to people of rural areas.

Conducting prayer groups and providing spiritual guidance at various places.

Arranging hospital visits and providing medical aid and support to poor sick people.

Providing spiritual guidance and counseling for broken families and victims of various personal problems.

Sponsoring poor girls and ladies for home nursing services and house hold jobs within our own known family circles.

Providing employment assistance and guidance.

Distributing books, magazines, periodicals and other self learning aids students.