Contact Addresses


      This is my present address at present where I am working


                                               JOSEPH GEORGE,

                                                POST BOX 3394, DAMMAM 31471,

                                                SAUDI ARABIA.



       Permanent Residence Address


                                                JOSEPH GEORGE,

                                                JYOTHIS 2nd FLOOR,  XXXII/2473,

                                                PALARIVATTOM, COCHIN - 682 025, KERALA, INDIA.


                                                O. JOSEPH, 

                                                POST BOX  2292,  PALARIVATTOM, 

                                                COCHIN - 682 025,  KERALA,  INDIA.


     Facsimile Address


             Fax service is available near my residence in India.  While sending the message,           there should be instruction to hand over the fax to Joseph George, Tel.: 340674.


                                                Fax# 00-91-484-345163

                                                Message for Joseph George, Telephone No: 340674.  


For conveying messages of general matters, the following  Fax Number can be used. But this is my work place at present where I am working, so, messages of confidential nature should not be sent.


                                                Fax# 00-966-3-5661992

                                                JOSEPH  GEORGE,  Matls. Dept.,